CMMI, the Capability Maturity Model Integrated,

the best process model framework in the field of software engineering, systems engineering and hardware engineering is sponsored by the SEI, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, USA. DQS Certification, the authorized Transition Partner of SEI, for CMMI Services like CMMI Assessment, CMMI Training and CMMI Consulting, serves its clients with professional integrity and solution-oriented approach...

DQS Certification, an authorized SEI Partner, provides CMMI servicesCMMI Consulting (It’s not Management System Consulting), CMMI Training and CMMI Assessments like SCAMPI (SM) – with a very sharp focus on client business objectives.

If you are looking forward to achieve the real benefits of CMMI® (Capability Maturity Model Integrated), you require support from a facilitation and assessment partner which understands the need for supporting you in the organizational change process.

DQS Certification has a highly skilled team of professionals including very experienced Appraisers to accomplish the CMMI Activity in client organizations.

DQS Certification is committed to catalyze the client organizations’ software delivery processes – both core processes and the support processes – in software and systems development organizations to deliver assured quality of products and projects that are completed on time. CMMI Consulting and CMMI Assessment delivery models which are time-tested, risk-managed for assured and perceptible results in the client organizations.

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CMMI Process Implementation bring this successful change using the CMMI Model by having the following significant features:

  • Guidance on best practices
  • optimized package of focused, solution oriented concepts,
  • how to select tool and technology
  • innovative suggestions for delivery models and project execution models.

It is always important for DQS Certification that your current practices get fully leveraged and synergized with future best practices. DQS Certification has provided CMMI Services to all types of companies of the world – small, large and also top level corporates. Hence DQS Certification is able to customise its approach keeping in view of the client requirements, client’s organizational culture and challenges.

At the time of submission of proposal, DQS Certification clearly provides the following information:

  • Information about DQS Certification Services
  • Information about Client-serviced by DQS Certification
  • Clear Demarcation and Detailing of Responsibilities of Client Organization
  • Pricing with clearly identified Deliverables
(Note: CMMI® and SCAMPI(SM) represent the registered trademark and service marks of the Software Engineering Institute, SEI, of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Pittsburgh, USA)

Disclaimer: The CMMI Consulting services are provided by a separate legal entity in order to have full compliance to ISO 17021 and SEI Conflict of Interest Policy. The separate legal entity does not provide CMMI Assessment Services and will only provide CMMI Consulting Services.

CMMI Consultants from the other Legal entity are not allowed to carry out CMMI Assessment or ISO 9001 or similar assessments which are controlled by ISO 17021 and SEI Conflict of Interest Policy. On the other hand, DQS Certification India’s CMMI Assessors and Management System Auditors (like for ISO 9001, 14001) are not allowed to carry out CMMI Consulting.

For Conflict of Interest Management and Impartiality Policy with respect to CMMI Assessment and ISO Assessment, please refer DQS Certification India Conflict of Interest Management and Impartiality Policy.

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