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CMMI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

May 22 2009

How do we know the company is CMMI Level 5 or not?

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Most of the companies, unless there are very specific reasons, are interested in listing their website on the SEI PARS Website ( The PARS allows the confidential information of the appraisal like project name, etc., to remain confidential, is so desired. The Lead Appraiser has to identify this – as sensitive and then it is not displayed. It may happen sometimes that the Appraiser and the Appraisal Sponsor has not discussed this – and an omission may happen. One can ask, why the company has not preferred to be listed on the SEI PARS website.

There are some other ways to evaluate this:

  1. Company will have the Final Findings Presentation identifying the assessed maturity level.
  2. Company will have the Appraisal Disclosure Statement signed by Lead Appraiser and the Appraiser Sponsor.
  3. Company may have a document showing the Assessed Maturity Level showing the Appraisal Dates and signed by Lead Appraiser and ATM Members. This document may contain the Appraisal Identification Number. The Appraisal ID is the number by which the Appraisal is logged into the SEI Appraisal System (SAS) by the Lead Appraiser.
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