CMMI, the Capability Maturity Model Integrated,

the best process model framework in the field of software engineering, systems engineering and hardware engineering is sponsored by the SEI, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, USA. DQS Certification, the authorized Transition Partner of SEI, for CMMI Services like CMMI Assessment, CMMI Training and CMMI Consulting, serves its clients with professional integrity and solution-oriented approach...

CMMI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Capability Levels in CMMI?

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  • Capability levels of the continuous representation focus on maturing the organization’s ability to perform, control, and improve its performance in a process area
  • Capability levels provide a recommended order for approaching process improvement within each process area
  • A capability level consists of related specific and generic practices for a process area that, when performed, increase the capability of the organization in that process area and enhance the organization’s overall process capability
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